فيلم وثائقي

Being Elisabetta


The world-renowned Italian fashion designer and stylist Elisabetta Franchi, the founder of the eponymous brand tells her story of success - the extraordinary journey that led a child full of dreams to become an inspiring designer and entrepreneur.

The docu-reality alternates between Franchi's engaging private life and the frenzy of working life. It opens up with one of the most important milestones - the twentieth anniversary of the brand – and goes on to show more of the tortuous path of the designer - made of sacrifices, discipline and hard work, but also of great satisfactions and happiness.

The story of a woman who gets excited and knows how to excite and who has managed to conquer the fashion world not only with her creations but also through the values that represent her brand.

Her love for the family and animals greatly impacts her work as well as the smallest daily actions. She is the definition that everything is possible, and success can be achieved, but only through commitment and passion. Hence the motto that describes her life and work is: “SE VUOI PUOI! - IF YOU WANT YOU CAN!".