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ASTROSAMANTHA The Space Record Woman


Narrated by Giancarlo Giannini, the docu-film 'Astrosamantha' is a unique and intimate portrait of the Space record woman, Samantha Cristoforetti, and her spaceflight to the International Space Station.
Samantha is the female astronaut who has spent the most time in Space, she is the astronaut from the ESA who has spent the highest number of consecutive days in Space, she has traveled 130 million km, the longest ever voyage by any woman, she is the first person to have brewed and drunk an espresso in space, she is the first Italian woman in Space.


Attesa e Cambiamenti


Gianni and Beatrice are a young newlywed couple. Their dream is to have a baby and fortunately they succeed. But such an event brings along considerable changes in a couple so in love: mood and hormonal swings, intrusive relatives, preoccupation about the future.

Everything changes! Physically and psychologically, a new diet, physical examination, clothing, several expenses. What are they supposed to do? The newlyweds face their new life feeling lost in the “comedy”.

The story of Gianni and Beatrice is cast against the hopes of a lesbian couple...