فيلم وثائقي

Italian Diary


“The Italian Diary” is a TV series for young people. It is full of emotion and adventure and is about 4 young friends who discover places, traditions, arts and crafts in an unknown and sometimes surprising Italy. This documentary series is an “adrenaline rush”, it is surprising and full of emotion. Everything is created, written and directed in such a way as to represent the reality of the situation as if it were following the script of a drama full of adventurous discoveries.

Lapo will be followed by a camera while making videos of the travels and events he experiences each week with the friends he has decided to include in the adventure;
Caterina is 12 years of age and Lapo’s best friend. She is also completely besotted with him and has been his life-long inseparable companion. She is exuberant and brave;
Thomas is 13 years old, the oldest of the group, but only in years – he is a dreamer and has his head in the clouds;
Francesca is 12, she is a beautiful fashionista and is the most rational and “grown-up” of the group. She is Lapo’s “forbidden” love but she likes Thomas!