ASTROSAMANTHA The Space Record Woman


Narrated by Giancarlo Giannini, the docu-film 'Astrosamantha' is a unique and intimate portrait of the Space record woman, Samantha Cristoforetti, and her spaceflight to the International Space Station.
Samantha is the female astronaut who has spent the most time in Space, she is the astronaut from the ESA who has spent the highest number of consecutive days in Space, she has traveled 130 million km, the longest ever voyage by any woman, she is the first person to have brewed and drunk an espresso in space, she is the first Italian woman in Space.


We follow Samantha on the professional and personal path that transforms her into a “human being fit for space” and then into Space. For two years, the film follows her to normally unseen locations as she prepares for her space mission and then for the two hundred days she spends on the International Space Station.

It is the first time a documentary film has been made about the training of an astronaut at training facilities on three different continents including the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, home of NASA’s human spaceflight training in Houston (USA); Star City, the former secret military facility in Moscow (Russia); the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne (Germany); as well as facilities in Italy and other places.

The film includes exclusive footage from inside the International Space Station: the first time filming has ever been allowed onboard while in space.