Attesa e Cambiamenti


Gianni and Beatrice are a young newlywed couple. Their dream is to have a baby and fortunately they succeed. But such an event brings along considerable changes in a couple so in love: mood and hormonal swings, intrusive relatives, preoccupation about the future.

Everything changes! Physically and psychologically, a new diet, physical examination, clothing, several expenses. What are they supposed to do? The newlyweds face their new life feeling lost in the “comedy”.

The story of Gianni and Beatrice is cast against the hopes of a lesbian couple...


Funny gags, mood swings, nightly palpitations and misunderstandings about the sex of the baby characterises the story of Gianni and Beatrice which is interwoven with Anna and Tina’s...

The film tells, through two well-defined and independent stories, the changes that take place in couples, men and women when they a baby is on the way. The film wants to tell, in a light comedy vein, so in a real and scientific but above all in a fun way but also using references to medical and psychological studies, how human behaviour, physical and interpersonal relationships change, during pregnancy. The stories of the 2 different pregnancies, in 2 different environments, will analyze the topic of pregnancy, artificial insemination and the desire for children that women over 40 have, that is, one of the most topical issues for the target audience that ranges from 18 to 55 years old. Useful information will be given, misconceptions dispelled and funny stereotypes highlighted.