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Rai Cinema: Morol produce cinematographic Films and Documentaries in collaborations with Rai Cinema spa.

Rai 1, Rai 2, e Rai 3: Morol produce audiovisual contents and tv formats for Rai. “Falde del Kilimangiaro”: Morol productions produces documentaries for this television program both for the afternoon as well as the prime time slots. The average viewing share is around 13% with about 2 million viewers. In the prime time airing the share is approximately 12% with 3 million viewers. For the same channel Morol productions produces documentaries for “Geo & Geo” the television show hosted by Sveva Sagramola. Geo & Geo airs from Monday to Friday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Tv 2000: Morol Productions produces audiovisual contents and journalistic reportages on a regular basis for this satellite channel.

Sky: Morol Productions produces documentaries and audiovisual contents for this broadcaster.

Discovery: Morol produces audiovisual contents and documentaries for this network, in particular for Nove, Real Time and Focus.

Rai Gulp - Rai Yo Yo - Rai Ragazzi: Morol Productions produces documentaries, Tv series, Formats for children and families.

Endemol Shine Italy: Gianluca Cerasola, producer and Ceo of Morol collaborates since 1995 in the production/co-productions of different formats, tv drama and entertainment programs produced by Endemol Shine group.