“Earthling-terrestre” is the story of man and training, space and life in orbit. The only Italian to take command of the International Space Station, to have directed the first Arab astronaut in history. The documentary also tells the "life" of the first sculpture in the world to have started in space, the creation from New York and the relationship of the artist Jago with the astronaut Parmitano. Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Giancarlo Giannini will talk about the preparation from the United States, the only extraterrestrial/ Extra-vehicular activity composed only of women but also simple “records” such as concerts organized and sung from space and connections with “Jovanotti” on the ground.

Records, friendship, stories, emotions, testimonies, memories: in 2019 it was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, exclusive films in the control room of the Apollo mission, spectacular and varied aspects of life in orbit and the long and articulated preparation that entails, and above all the stories and life, in the first person, of Luca Parmitano on earth and on the International Space Station. Earthling-Terrestre shows the life and training of a Record, from departure to its return to earth. Told in a unique and innovative way by 2 Italian international excellences and a great artist: Jago.