La Questione Nucleare-Exploring the nuclear


La questione nucleare
International Title Exploring the Nuclear Italy, 2009 - 75' Color, Beta Digital PAL Director Ugo Fabrizio Giordani Cast Erica Banchi and, among others, Dario Fo, Umberto Veronesi, Claudio Scajola, Carlo Rubbia, Giorgio Parisi, Umberto Guidoni, Chicco Testa, Carlo Bernardini, Rosa Filippini Screenplay Alessandro Sigalot, Gianluca CerasolaCinematography Stephen Natanson Editing Ugo De Rossi Music Erica Banchi, Giuseppe Tortora Producer Gianluca Cerasola Production Morol - Via Paolo Emilio 34 - 00192 Rome (Italy) -     Screenings International Rome Film Festival 18.10.2009 h 20:30, Villa Medici - Sala Michel Piccoli21.10.2009 h 18:00, Villa Medici - Sala Michel Piccoli Synopsis Ever since the referendum that said no to nuclear energy in 1987, Italian society and its cultural and political leaders have been wondering. A college senior writing her thesis decides to meet the experts - environmentalists, economists, physicians, and Nobel Prize winners - to get a handle on the issue: its every new finding, implication, and consequence. Shuttling between Italy and France, weighing the scepticism of the ecologists and the enthusiasm of the backers of new nuclear power plants, Erica learns that the future of nuclear power in Italy is hardly a foregone conclusion.