Annalisa and Giulio are a couple with two beautiful young children, who are about to separate. The assets are divided, the obligations of loyalty and cohabitation have ceased; there is now a need to support the spouse and to provide for, educate and raise the children. For Giulio the legal battle begins and, even more so, the inability to see his children. The fundamental principle stated by law is: in the case of two parents separating, an underage child has the right to maintain a balanced and ongoing relationship with both parents, to receive care, education and instruction from both, as well as to maintain meaningful relationships with the relatives on each side. The reality is very different. Annalisa requests permission for the expatriation of their children. The ex-husband, who sees his children only twice a week, is shocked by the request, refuses to sign and tries to impede the departure.

The battle between the spouses becomes increasingly vicious.
Annalisa declares that Giulio is aggressive and that she will file a child abuse complaint. Giulio will no longer be able to see the children; he will be stopped by police and found to be in possession of drugs. He is arrested and ends up in all the newspapers, labelled as the latest monster. The investigation will lead to an unexpected ending and Giulio will have to wait a lot of times before being able to hug his children again.

“... false accusations of mistreatment, beating, sexual abuse and violence of various kinds against adult women and underage children; lawsuits devised for the sole purpose of removing ex-husbands from their children's lives can be found in courts all over the world...”