A world-exclusive: the first film to tell the international excellence of the astronaut Luca Parmitano, the first Italian to take command of the International Space Station during his long mission (2019/2020). An exclusive for Morol with NASA-ESA, 50 years after the moon landing, with 1 exceptional protagonist. The conquest of space is not only something that has always fascinated adults and children alike, for the sublimation of the spirit of adventure in discovering the unknown... space is a show! A movie for the cinema with a new “fun” language. The first “space” film, based on science and irony. Emotions, eye-witness accounts, memories (2019 is 50 years after the first moon landing), exclusive, previously unseen and spectacular footage on the many and varied aspects of life in orbit and of the long and articulated preparation that is needed, but, above all, the stories and life of Luca Parmitano told by himself on earth and in broadcasts from the International Space Station: STARMAN is the first film about the life and training of a Record-breaker. In space where science, excellence, records and above all irony become an emotional show for everyone. All told in a unique and innovative way by the most exceptional host.

Luca Parmitano will be the protagonist (with A. Morgan Nasa). A "voice", just like our astronaut who will become the mouthpiece of all our curiosities of a field that is so rich, complex and multifaceted. Questions will be put to Parmitano, who will answer them himself for they will be answered by the “big voice” of the voice over. This film will have the exclusive opportunity to narrate the “Beyond 2019/20” space mission through Commander Luca Parmitano (Andrew Morgan NASA and Alexander Skvortsov Russian cosmonaut) and the direct accounts of the protagonists of the space flights. The production has been following the astronaut Parmitano’s life and all his training for the past 3 years. Exclusive footage that documents the main phases of a space mission: - the preparation: and the very hard training in the space centres of NASA in the United States, of JAXA in Japan and of ROSCOSMOS in Russia. His preparation and life in Italy and in the European Space Agency centres. - the departure: and his command in orbit - what life is like in orbit: how we sleep, how we carry out our physiological needs, the call of nature and sex, how we eat and drink. Star chefs suggesting the space menu. Cuisine from NASA, Italy and Russia. How the body stretches and the obligatory exercise programme. - the return: the obligatory quarantine, the emotions linked to returning to everyday life, the family and children back on earth.

THE MAIN THEMES OF THE FILM: The docufilm will describe the 2019/2020 space mission through the eyes of its commander Luca Parmitano. 2 years of training in centres all over the world, all the emotions, the records and the curiosities, his life, interpersonal relationships, cutting-edge excellence and cooperation. Everything is treated in a tone that is real, exclusive and scientific but, thanks to our protagonists, also very fun and ironic. Space evokes some universal issues, which are part of life and have always pushed man humankind to overcome our limits. - the victory: the conquest of space is a great victory for humanity and gives rise to the same emotions that the excellences in various fields make us feel when they achieve the most prestigious victories. - the defeat: similarly, the road to space is studded with serious setbacks, of resounding defeats from which we have learnt to get back in the race, stronger than before. - beyond the earth: the big question we all ask ourselves is whether there is extraterrestrial life - the future: future projects, robotics, records... human mission to Mars. A great film with 3 protagonists (Italian, Russian, Usa)...