The Diving Women


Jeju Island, the island of women and Diving Women

The “Diving Women” in the Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2011. Documentary produced by Morol Productions is a documentary about a real and fascinating women story…


Jeju Island is the island of women, a subtropical coral reef of volcanic origin, off southern South Korean Peninsula.

Also known as Jeju-do is full of fashion and mystery. The island, situated just 85 kilometers from the mainland, remained for centuries under a sort of cultural isolation, developing traditions, architectural styles, history and own customs. The rituals, which have characterized the local culture, have been added to supernatural cult of myths and goddesses always involved in all aspects of life of the population.

The oasis of Jeju is inhabited by around 600,000 inhabitants, the aspects that distinguishes is the matriarchal structure of the family. Because of continuous wars, (still military service is obligatory for two years), while men were committed to the front, the woman has become the cornerstone of family, the one who carries out the economy and the livelihood of the family.

The Diving Women of Jeju-do are marked example of this inevitable abuse of women. These groups of women (Haenyeo), which due to the shortage of men has specialized in spear fishing and marketing of fish. Women are immersed without the aid of oxygen cylinders to gather shellfish, crustaceans, fish and seafood.