The nuclear way in the middle east


Mohammed Nasser is an excellent and well-trained journalist who is always looking for his next story. So it was not surprising that on his return to Cairo to attend his sister’s wedding Nasser was inspired to start an investigation into a controversial issue in international politics: the proliferation of nuclear power in the Middle East. This is a sensitive topic in the Arabic world and Nasser was determined to examine whether fellow Arabs have a real perception of the dangers of nuclear power by posing such questions as what does the Arabic world think of in general of the proliferation of nuclear power and what is their awarness of the risk their Governments and citizens would face in the event of a devestating nuclear accident.
Nasser will lead the investigation guided by his chief editor. His investigative journey will take him through Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Through in-depth interviews of influential political figures, physicians, scientists (including experts in seismology and technicians specializing in the development of alternative energy), artists and common people, Nasser will be able to fully explore the concerns of nuclear power in the Middle East. Nasser is driven by the desire to inform and disclose news about a topic with a tremendous global and local impact. In the end, Nasser’s search for answers leads him to understand more about himself and his country. His story is a docu-film about Future, People, Nature, Environment, Energy and Technology.