Ustica: Airplane disaster


Sopra e Sotto il Tavolo

At distance of 30 years from Italia air crash, the DC 9 aircraft sunk off on the coast of Ustica, the investigations based on some statements made by the former president of the Republic, Francesco Cossiga, are re-opened. Two young journalists Giampiero Marrazzo and Gianluca Cerasola have reconstructed the geopolitical realations of that period thanks to the unpublished interviews carried out, among other, with the same Cossiga, the judge that followed the investigations from 1990 to 1999, Rosario Priore, the senator for life Giulio Andreotti, the Honorable Gianni de Michelis, that become unaware protagonists of a movie that throught whisper and words ever said too clearlyitries to understand what that night happened in the Italian skies to finally confer, perhaps, not more a presumed truth but one “glimpse” of peace to those 81 victims of the tragedy.